Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Vision

Creating a comprehensive national cultural development in the United Arab Emirates, and particularly in Fujairah. This development is carried out in a way that confirms its identity as an Arab and humanitarian culture and stems from the visions of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Ruler of Fujairah, who believes in the role of culture as a foundation of human societies.

Our Mission

Culture is a national identity that distinguishes each country from others. It is one of the most important factors of social progress and advancement of mankind. As part of the overall human development, the Fujairah Culture and Media Authority is committed to fostering cultural and media life in all its forms: science, research and innovation. This is done through providing the proper climate for cultural creativity, strengthening and revitalizing the cultural movement, and exploiting, supporting and developing the existing cultural energies.  

Our Objectives

  1. Spreading and disseminating culture, raising awareness, and improving the work level of cultural institutions within the community.
  2. Creating adequate infrastructure for creative cultural and media work in all fields.
  3. Supporting writers, intellectuals, and artists and encouraging them to carry on their innovation and excellence.
  4. Supporting young talents in all areas of cultural creativity and fostering them.
  5. Strengthening ties and communications with the local, Arab and international cultural and media institutions and authorities with the aim of improving performance and exchanging experiences.
  6. Supporting the existing cultural associations and unions establishing new cultural bodies.
  7. Preparing the necessary studies for the development of culture, arts and literature, and preserving the National Heritage.
  8. Participating in local and regional cultural exhibitions, conferences and festivals.
  9. Supporting cultural projects and programs in remote areas of Fujairah.
  10. Establishing a media policy with the objective of building a positive picture of the emirate that reflects its philosophy and vision. 

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