Fujairah Culture and Media Authority launched the first Fujairah Photography Award (FPA) in 2007 with the aim of upgrading the intellectual, cultural and aesthetic scene in Fujairah in particular and the UAE in general. FPA sheds light on creative and innovative photographers in the UAE and the Arab World making it one of the pillars of visual creativity. The award aims at presenting creative works that express our reality, enhance the artistic taste of the public and enrich the world of visual arts. Moreover, the mechanism of the award makes it possible for photographers to benefit from each others’ experiences and knowledge.

Each year, FPA carries a different theme representing the purpose it was created for. The themes focus on different aspects of Fujairah (nature, heritage, culture, etc.) and the best entries are selected and featured in special exhibitions for the public to view, asses and be inspired by them.

A special feature of FPA is organizing an introductory tour of the award’s selected locations for participants. These tours are complemented by workshops prepared by some of the best photographers and photography experts in the UAE.


For more information, please visit the website:  http://www.fujaward.ae/ar


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