Filming Permission Request

Service Description

It is a service through which the concerned party (companies - individuals) is provided with a no-objection certificate for filming (television - film - commercial) after completing the required documentations.

  • Target Audience

1. Government sectors

2. Private sectors

3. Individuals

  • Required Documents

       1. A copy of the Trade/Commercial license.

       2. A copy of the Team passport or Emirates ID.

3. A memo from the entity requesting the service.

4. A copy of the bank receipt for the transfer to the Authority’s account.

  • Service fees

AED 700

  • Outputs:

Receive the certificate via email after paying the fees.

  • Work Hours

Official working hours (7:30 am - 3:30 pm) and Friday (7:30 am - 12 pm)

  • Contact Us: 

Public Relations Department - Fujairah Culture and Media Authority:

           Tel: 092222678

           Email: [email protected]

To apply, please click on the links below or scan the QR:




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